CE VA - Escrow Requirements - Prince William Parkway

1 session
CE VA - Escrow Requirements - Prince William Parkway
Class Begins: 
Wednesday, 10/04/2017
Class Ends: 
Wednesday, 10/04/2017

Participants will:
Know the importance of understanding broker’s policies and procedures are for the handling of
EMDs and other funds that must be put in escrow
Know what monies are required to be deposited in escrow and when
Know under what conditions escrowed funds can be released by brokers
That there are options to the broker holding escrow
Licensees who are aware of the requirements are not as likely to accidentally mishandle escrow
funds. Case studies which demonstrate how even licensees with no intentions of fraud violated
and were disciplined, help participants to be more careful in seeing that escrow funds are
received by the broker. Brokers see the importance of having policies in place to ensure their
own awareness regarding money that should be turned in.

CE Requirements:
VA CE Credit - 3.0 Hours
VA PL Credit - 3.0 Hours

Cost: $24.00

Class Sessions:

Escrow Requirements - Prince William Parkway

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 9:30am to 12:30pm
4500 Pond Way, Suite 220
Lake Ridge, VA 22192
Michael Minnery
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