CE - Serving The Culturally Diverse Market - VIRTUAL

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CE - Serving The Culturally Diverse Market - VIRTUAL
Class Begins: 
Wednesday, 04/28/2021
Class Ends: 
Wednesday, 04/28/2021

Culture is a moving target which forms the basis on which decisions are made about what is fair and what is unfair, what is perceived to be excellent service, whether behaviors are pushy or helpful and a myriadof other issues relating to business relationships. In today’s market, there is an ever-increasing number of buyers and sellers who didn’t growup in this country. Licensees need to be sensitive to the needs and flexible enough to respect and embrace the cultural differences. Not only do we deal with clients who are culturally influenced by where there grew up, but also when they grew up. The purpose of this class is to help licensees improve their ability to understand and adapt to the needs of people with whom they do not share the same cultural background. Participants will develop sensitivity, powers of observation and flexibility that enable them to better serve a culturally diverse population. Please plan to arrive early, each session will start ON TIME. LATE ARRIVALS WILL NOT RECEIVE CE CREDITS, NO EXCEPTIONS! CE Credit Requirements:

  • VA CE Credit - 2.0 Hours (Elective)
  • VA PL Credit - 2.0 Hours (Current Industry Issues)
  • MD - 2.0 Hours (F - Elective)
  • DC - 3.0 Hours (Elective)

*Not all credit will be given at every location. Please check to be sure you are getting the credit you intend. VIRTUAL REQUIREMENTS - Students must be in stationary location. Camera must remain on and in focus during the entire course.

Class Sessions:

CE - Serving The Culturally Diverse Market - VIRTUAL

Wed, 04/28/2021 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
Renee Davis
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