CE VA - Negotiation in the 21st Century

According to recent NAR surveys in the Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers 23% of home buyers and sellers listed negotiating for them as the most important service they want from their agent. In today’s world, it has become increasingly challenging for agents to get together face to face for each stage of the contract and post contract negotiation. Often an agent is compelled by time constraints, the other agent or the situation to do much of the negotiating via e-mail, text and phone. University studies that have been done on the effectiveness of communication methods in a negotiation reveal that in order for e-mail and phone to be sufficient to keep the negotiation from being derailed, negotiators must understand how to make up for the deficiencies of the communication methods. This class is designed specifically for helping licensees understand how to make the most of e-mail and phone methods when needed.
Please plan to arrive early, each session will start ON TIME. LATE ARRIVALS WILL NOT RECEIVE CE CREDITS, NO EXCEPTIONS!
VA CE Credit - 2.0 Hours (Elective)
VA PL Credit - 2.0 Hours (Current Industry Issues)

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